The Ministry of Interior uses a translator online

When quick and simple translation is required, many people flock to machine translation platforms.However, the risk comes from overconfidence in this kind of tools, using them even for translations requiring a greater degree of specialization and information processing.

The problem of nourishing herself with machine translation, is that it takes place through a literal transcription, without taking into account the meaning of the prayers or the interpretation of the message that is intended to convey. This becomes a problem when introducing idioms, double meaning or even names, as it has been the case lately.

Dream was the case of Santander when City tourism page Center loot had translated by the meaning in English of “loot Center”, where Loot means plundering, generating so the news media reached a day before the presentation of the web page of the city at FITUR, causing controversy and a very negative publicity for their agencies.

But it seems that the error does not always learn. A few days ago from the web page of the Ministry of industry was communicated that Spain had achieved representation in the International Committee of weights and measures and the destination was the head of Area of temperature in the Spanish Metrology Centre, pains in the field. The news are translated into English, and it was then when the use of a translation online played them a dirty trick and the chosen name was translated literally: “pain of field”.

The error has been corrected quickly but has left in evidence the importance having trust for our translations translators and if not ask what is Norwegian during Korea’s Winter Games athletes, when they wanted to place an order for 1,500 units of eggs. A machine translation platform was used to carry out the drafting of the order, and the result was that a language to another quantity of the product, receiving a package of 15,000 eggs is multiplied by ten.

As we see, rely on translators is always the best option to avoid this type of problems. In this way, it is important not only to perform a literal transcription of a message, but it be know matter through experts and take into account cultural context when translated. For this reason, it is important to use translators to cross borders efficiently and without unpleasant surprises.